Welcome To The New Mythology!

Mythologies are huge, sweeping things. And the grandest stories are those with the widest arcs of triumph and despair. As much as we may want to, we may not be able to avoid the despair – but triumph is a matter of will.

The best thing about mythologies though, is that they’re always being rewritten. There are always opportunities to change, to make choices. And if sometimes it seems as if your story has been written in stone – well, that’s what hammers are for. Shatter the stone and write a new story in the sand that will be too wondrous to forget, no matter how many tides may try to sweep it away.

The Coppervale website has been reworked; the Coppervale Studio is bursting at the seams with new projects; and I am ready with hammer in hand to shape the stories.

We’ve been reworking the website for several weeks now, and while there is still a lot of work to be done, we have enough ready that it was time to pull back the curtain and open the gates.

Herein, we are offering all the work which has come before, and all the works I am currently creating. We are selling books, and art, and comics, and ebooks, and all manner of wonderful things. And the lists will be updated often; new material will be added to each category, including descriptions, secret histories, and original content.

Special offers will abound – the first of which I’ll announce later tonight – and will be frequent, and worth looking for.

My online sketchbook and jounal, The Wonder Cabinet: Words From the Romantic Underground, until now based at livejournal, will now be here, and mirrored to the old location.

Bookmark the address; bookmark the blog; and keep your focus on what’s going to be happening – I promise, t will be extraordinary.

Welcome to the new Coppervale. Welcome to the New Mythology.


Welcome To The New Mythology! — 8 Comments

  1. Beautiful, Captain!

    You Know I’m here to help, Admire, be Inspired by, Love and Give Shout-Outs to all your works for all those Mythologies….

    Looking Forward to it ALL!!!


  2. Congrats on the remodel of the website! As always, you are inspiring! I am so looking forward to all the things you will be unfolding.

    I need to get cracking and finish getting my own site tidied up a bit.

  3. Much of what you’ve done with your own websites inspired mine, dear Erzebet. I’m very happy you like what’s being done – more fun stuff coming!