Writing You Can Swear By (Or At) — 2 Comments

  1. Hi James,

    FYI, I’m glad I got it in the first 24 hours (at least I think I did), but if I wanted the new version instead, do I need to buy it again or can I use the existing email link from my original purchase?

    Also I’m now curious. You mentioned a word in the second book that actually makes the whole thing work. Will you be changing that one for the younger audience as well or leaving it as is?


    • Hey Ken –

      We just switched out the file, so you may be able to just download it again. The new one has SE in the name (for Special Edition) to distinguish it. Try it – but if it doesn’t work email me, and I’ll send you the new one.

      And no, I won’t be changing the word (which is “damned”, by the way – it’s WHO says it that’s significant) just as there are a few curses in MWI. They work when they’re appropriate to the scene – I just made sure that was the case when deciding whether to change anything. 😉

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