The Meditations

DRAWING OUT THE DRAGONS is, I feel, the most meaningful thing I’ve ever written. It’s the first in a series of three books that I call The Meditations, which I hope will help change your life, and how you choose to live it. In its pages, I talk about the things that I believe are most important in this life; about things I believe are true, and meaningful, and worth sharing. I tell stories drawn from my own life: examples about overcoming obstacles and adversity; stories about how making choices in your life is like drawing a Dragon; vignettes about how I came to do what it is that I love most in the world for my job. But most importantly, I tell each and every reader that they can make the same kinds of choices that I did – and that I believe in them.

Sometimes, being told that is the thing that we need most in our lives. And I think it’s the most important thing that I can say to anyone: I believe in you. Coppervale intially released DotD as an ebook; then, thanks to the generous support of my readers and a successful Kickstarter campaign, a print edition became available in both hardcover and paperback. Now, Shadow Mountain Publishing has released the definitive edition. This book is the perfect gift for a high-school graduate, as a Christmas gift, or just as something that you think someone might need to read when they’re trying to find which path to take. Read the book, share the message. And maybe, just maybe, help change someone’s life.

SMDotDthumb The Meditations
DRAWING OUT THE DRAGONS: A Meditation on Art, Destiny, and the Power of Choice
"James inspires and motivates both the young and young-at-heart with personal stories that share an important belief: that you can choose to lead an extraordinary life if you will just persevere, stay focused on your goals, and believe in yourself." —LeVar Burton educator, actor, entrepreneur. Drawing Out the Dragons has the power to uplift, inspire, and change your life, and is the first in a series of the three Meditation books that will be released in 2013.
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Price: $19.99
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Drawing out the Dragons Bookplate Set
The publisher of the new, definitive edition of DRAWING OUT THE DRAGONS has created beautiful, two-sided bookmarks, a frameable print of the Afterwords, which contains the most significant key points of the entire book, and a special bookplate — all of which has only been available at signing events and personal appearances. Until now. In an effort to better serve the desires of our readers, I am offering the chance to get all three of these special items, signed by myself and delivered directly to your mailbox! You can purchase these items for just a couple of bucks. All items will be signed, but due to quantity, personalization cannot be guaranteed.
Available Qty: 30
Price: $2.00

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