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Posted By on February 15, 2012

Drawing Out The Dragons Front Coversmall 196x300 Make today EXTRAORDINARY   Free DRAWING OUT THE DRAGONS ebook trio
As a grateful answer to the overwhelming responses I have gotten from my keynote address at the LTUE Symposium at Utah Valley University this past weekend, for the next twenty-four hours, I am offering the ebook trio – all formats in one zip file, pdf, epub, and mobi – of DRAWING OUT THE DRAGONS, the basis for my keynote address…

…for FREE. For the next twenty-four hours.

Simply fill in your name and email address, click the link below, and you’ll get the download link sent to you. That’s it. (And if you want to read more about the book itself, simply click on the link above.)

In return, all I ask is that you take on a challenge: I would like to give away ONE THOUSAND COPIES of this book in the next twenty-four hours. So please post links, email it to your friends and family; and if you were at the LTUE keynote, share your impressions of that event, and then tell them about the book.

It is, I feel, the most meaningful, most significant thing I have ever written. And I want to give it to as many people as possible.

Help me do something extraordinary today.

(Two things of note: the link will be sent right away, so if you don’t see it, check your spam folder! And also, the pdf – the pretty version, I think – reads best in Adobe Reader. There’s a glitch in Preview that drops the art off the cover. Still reads fine, though!)

EDITED TO ADD: we reached – and exceeded – the goal of 1000 books downloaded in 24 hours. I wrote about the reason I did it here – and now, we’re going to keep it going for seven more days. Please pass it on!

FURTHER EDIT: we exceeded the goal of giving away 2500 ebooks in around twelve days total. Because of the great response I have gotten from readers, I have decided to keep this download link active, and have increased the number of available downloads to 10,000. From this point forward, the triple format ebook that is downloadable via this link is hereby being distributed on the Honor System. It is available to download for free – and if you, the reader, finds some value in its pages, I would like to ask that you remit payment of $5 via PayPal. HOWEVER, knowing that times are tight, there is no time limit or deadline for the payment – you pay when you are able to pay, full stop. I hope you enjoy the book.

ONE FINAL EDIT TO CLARIFY: The payment by Honor System is entirely voluntary – and optional. When I post links to the above, offering the downloads for free, I mean free. If you decide you’d like to send in a payment, whether today or twenty years from now, that’s awesome. But that’s also entirely up to you. I hope you enjoy the book.



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69 Responses to “Make today EXTRAORDINARY – Free DRAWING OUT THE DRAGONS ebook trio”

  1. This is wonderful! Thank you so much. That keynote address was the most inspirational hour of my life! Thank you!

    Konstanz Silverbow
    Co- Host for the A to Z April blogging challenge

  2. Excellent! Thank you SO much.

  3. Thanks for doing this! We had a slow-moving morning that day and didn’t make it in time for your address, so I and Karen Sandler (to whom I don’t think I had a chance to introduce you) will be able to see what we missed. :)

  4. Taffy says:

    Thanks! Very generous of you!

  5. Anna McClure says:

    Thank you so much! Your address was truly the highlight of the conference. I truly appreciate your insight. I was taught in both spirit and mind.

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  7. Marsha Ward says:

    Thank you for sharing this with so many of us.

    Marsha Ward
    Westerns with Heart & Grit
    (with a character coincidentally named James Owen)

  8. [...] And today only. His goal is to GIVE AWAY 1,000 copies of the book today. Each copy is a ZIP file containing the book in THREE different ebook formats. That pretty much [...]

  9. James says:

    Hey Stacy – Jess Smart Smiley posted links to the recording of the keynote over on facebook. It’s worth checking out. And you’re welcome, babe! ;)

  10. Rebecca says:

    Wow! Thanks so much!

  11. James V says:

    Just what I needed to read right now. Thank you, sir!

  12. Thanks so much for offering your books to readers for no charge. A friend attended the workshop and enjoyed it.

  13. [...] can get your copy here, today.* James Owen says he wants to give away at least 1000 copies, so repost the link as far and [...]

  14. L.T. Elliot says:

    Too bad for my mom that we bought hers yesterday. ;) However, I’m sending this to all my friends, family, facebookers, bloggers, twitterers, etc. Because though you might feel it’s the most meaningful book you’ve ever written, I can tell you it’s one of the most meaningful books I’ve ever read. God bless, James.

  15. Betsy Love says:

    Darn it all, I missed Jame’s address. But read his book on the way home from LTUE (back to AZ). Wow! I mean WOW!!!! I couldn’t believe I’d actually decided to go eat lunch instead. His book was amazing!

  16. Kimmy says:

    Oh! I’ve been wanting to read this too! never had the money to actually get it. I’ll probably get a hardcopy one day…you’re such a kind person James. You’ve inspired me to continue my writings too.

  17. Excellent! This looks like a real keeper. Thanks so much for posting the link.

  18. Liz Vose says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your work.

  19. We read Drawing Out the Dragons on the way home from Utah (to AZ) … thanks for such a beautiful read! So very inspirational! I’m especially excited about this free download, because I know you’ll be reaching lots of people that need to hear your extraordinary message …

  20. Louis Smith says:

    Thank you for your generosity. I am a huge fan of The Imaginarium Geographica series, and am currently writing an essay about it for my grade 12 English class. This series actually got me to start enjoying reading.

  21. James! I just wanted to say thank you. You’re a real inspiration to someone like me. I look forward to joining you in the big leagues someday :)

  22. Jenn Wilks says:

    I can’t wait to read your book! Thanks for this great offer!

  23. Heidi Murphy says:

    Thank you for this offer! I can’t wait to read your work!

  24. Kemendraugh says:

    I am spreading the word, sir! *salutes* And sending it to EVERYONE I know :D

    Thank you for your generosity, and for your stories, and for sharing your voice with us. It is needed.

  25. Carolyn V says:

    Thank you so much! The key note was amazing. I’m passing the word on. ;)

  26. Tracey Capello says:

    Thank you for sharing :) Looking forward to reading your book; very generous!

  27. Steve Myers says:

    “Never sacrifice what you want most for what you want most right now.” That was the single best quote of the entire writer’s conference.

    James, your talk was the most inspirational speech I have heard in years. I just wish I had a recording of it to share with my kids. Thanks for all you do, and for breathing inspiration into a generation that needs it more than any other that has come before. They need role models. They don’t see a lot of good examples from musicians, sports stars, and certainly little to admire in politicians. In a world that teaches kids to sell out and give in, it’s refreshing to hear those like you who encourage them to reach for the skies… for Here, There Be Dragons.

  28. Kerry Terace says:

    And somewhere in the darkness… there was a small twinkling of light.

  29. This is a wonderful book! Thank you so much for the opportunity to get it. I will share with everyone so that they can be blessed by you also! Thank you so much sir!

  30. Molly says:

    James, Thanks again for the wonderful uplifting message you shared. You are amazing, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet you.

  31. Your keynote was one of the most incredible and inspiring speeches I’ve ever heard! I wished my kids had been there to hear it. I told them about it, but it just wasn’t the same. I’m so glad for this book, so I can read it to them. Thank you!!

  32. Heidi Wilde says:

    Thank you so much for doing this! I bought a couple of copies, but since getting home I felt bad that I couldn’t buy one for everyone I know. You are unbelievably inspiring! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us/the world.

  33. Bonnie Gwyn says:

    Thanks so much!!

  34. Eva Graalman says:

    Hope I can figure out the technology of it all. Already know the book will be fantastic.

  35. Thanks James, this is really an awesome treat for me. I love dragons and have tried to draw them in the past, and now I will be able to!

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  37. Aine Maura says:

    Thank you! I have been telling everyone I know about your wonderful keynote address and have given away a couple of your books too. Now this can reach even more people that weren’t on my gift list – you’re fabulous!!!

  38. Kerri says:

    I feel a little guilty downloading this because I have never purchased from you before. But I appreciate you doing this! I started reading, only intending to read a page or two today, but it’s very hard to stop reading. Thank you!

  39. sam says:

    Thanks for posting the link! i have all the geographica books, and I was actually thinking about buying this one the other day(I still might…). Your book was really inspiring to me, so thanks!

  40. Julie Daines says:

    Thanks for this! I LOVED your keynote address at the LTUE conference last weekend. Thank you so much for sharing your very inspirational story.

  41. Margie says:

    Thanks. I missed the keynote address, but have listened to the recording of it twice now and my family read the book aloud this weekend because I wanted my daughter to hear it.

  42. T. Rob Brown says:

    Good promotion :)

    Thanks for the book.

  43. Krista says:

    I feel like I’m late to a party! Thank you. I can’t wait to see what I’ve missed and share it, too.

  44. Mary says:

    This is so wonderful, thank you!! I am so very excited to read this.

  45. Diva Donna says:

    Hi I’m Michael. I am Donna’s son and I’m 10 years old. My mom went to LTUE and heard you speak and she bought me a copy of the book and said it was so great to meet you and become a “Book Babe” whatever that means.
    I read “Drawing Out the Dragons” in one night and I really liked it. Thank you for signing my book and drawing me a dragon. The quotes at the beginning of each chapter made me think differently about things, like it changed my perspective on the world.
    It’s lots of fun drawing dragons now. I memorized the steps and I’m getting really good at drawing them.
    Now I want to read “Here There be Dragons.”

  46. I’ve entered all my info several times & have received nothing ! Help me Mr. Wizard ! Thank you for this op! What a extraordinary thing to do ! Bravo!

  47. [...] to listen to the MP3 of James Owens’ main address at LTUE, you can legally download the book for free over the next couple days. Best do it [...]

  48. Adi J. says:

    I was there for your speech and was immensely touched and motivated by it. I’ve spent the past two years fighting PTSD and had reached a point where I was wondering if I was forever broken. You helped me see that I am not. Words are insufficicient to express my gratitude.

  49. Zj says:

    Thanks so much Sir! It’s uplifting and motivational.

  50. Mila says:

    I used to know where the magic was, but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it. Maybe this will show me the way back.

  51. Tobi Summers says:

    I was not fortunate enough to be at your speech, but I heard amazing things about it. Thank you for the download!

  52. heidi2524 says:

    The recording of James’ keynote from LTUE can be listened to online or downloaded from here – http://soundcloud.com/jess-smart-smiley-1/james-a-owen-keynote-address

  53. Winnie says:

    Thank you so much for the download :D

  54. [...] the book pictured above, Drawing out the Dragons, is FOR FREE right now on James’ site.  CLICK HERE to download it.  This is the time sensitive material – it is NOT about drawing dragons, but [...]

  55. [...] the book pictured above, Drawing out the Dragons, is  FREE right now on James’ site.  CLICK HERE to download it.  This is the time sensitive material – it is NOT about drawing dragons, but [...]

  56. Nan says:

    Thank you for the download.

  57. [...] For those interested, James is offering a free download of Drawing out the Dragons.  Click here. [...]

  58. Meran says:

    Hi, I’ve been wanting this book. I’m still planning on buying the entire set of dragon books as well as this one in real copy when all are done.

  59. [...] A. Owen has made available for free his ebook Drawing Out The Dragons – A Meditation on Art, Destiny, and the Power of Choice. It is not a novel, it is not fiction. It’s the written version of the presentation he makes [...]

  60. Erin Johnson says:

    Hi! I attended the Young Adult Writing Conference put on by Changing Hands in Phoenix and was lucky enough to hear you speak about this book during the last session! It sounded wonderful and since then I’ve been meaning to get it, so thanks for this opportunity to download it! Can’t wait to read it! I bought and read “Here, There Be Dragons” and am looking forward to continuing the series.

    Thanks again,

  61. Jennifer says:

    This is such a generous offer. I have been a huge fan of the Imaginarium books since I happily stumbled upon “Here There Be Dragons” not long after it’s release.

    Thank you for your work and your generosity. I look forward to the next installment :D

    Most sincerely,

  62. Jez Fairclough says:

    Amazingly generous of you.

  63. Kim Schultz says:

    Thank you!

  64. k t says:

    Upon looking up the origins of taco bell I end up here, too late for the download… thats ok I can draw dragons, sculpt them with clay, they come to life with jewels. Looks like today, like many days, they sleep.

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