Cartographers & Mythographers

There are two items for sale at the Coppervale Marketplace which are often overlooked, but which are among the best bargains we offer (and ordering either qualifies you for the drawing to win one of the three pieces of original art – see earlier posts – from Catherynne M. Valente’s book, UNDER IN THE MERE!)

The first is the trade paperback of THE SEARCH FOR THE RED DRAGON. The hardcovers are lovely, but I have a soft spot for this particular edition of the paperback – which is NOT part of the current matching set of the paperbacks that have the double covers. This was the earlier edition, released before the hardcover of THE INDIGO KING – and what makes it special (to me) is on the back. It features the ORIGINAL cover art for TIK… which is NOT the art we ended up using. Instead, it depicts the Cartographer being exiled to the Keep of Time. It’s a beautiful, subtle piece… and that small image is the only place it can be seen in print.

When you add in the Dragon sketch I’ll draw inside (something I’m starting to limit to one per overall order, due to workload and time constraints), ten bucks is a pretty good price.

The second item is the largest color piece we offer in the art prints category – and the least expensive! It’s the full-color, heavy-stock promotional poster for the continuation of the STARCHILD: MYTHOPOLIS storyline I was doing in my graphic novel series, which was intended to start again in 2003, but actually took a few more years to do (with the first installment, from Desperado Publishing). It’s one of my favorite color pieces, and is going to resonate very strongly with the announcement I’m making in a day or two. Signed, it’s a bargain at ten bucks, and looks great on a kid’s bedroom wall.

As I mentioned, ordering either (or both!) of these qualifies you for the drawing for the art. More good fun coming – watch this space!


Cartographers & Mythographers — 2 Comments

  1. Just to clarify – the art pictured above is the original; the smaller version teaser printed on the back of THE SEARCH FOR THE RED DRAGON has the cover indicia and is, well, smaller. But it’s still a very sweet image – and that’s the only place it’s in print right now.

  2. “The only place it’s in print right now.”

    Yes. *sniff* *sniff* Because I would dearly love a separate color print of it…. but can’t have that. I love this piece. 😀